At Fanzorelli's we offer a very well stocked bar from aperitifs to Malt whiskys, wine by the glass and draught beers.
Our Bar offers dining at the counter or intimate tables
2 small televisions allow guests to catch up on the latest sports and news

We look forward to welcoming you 


Sweet Pirate $16

a rich, creamy & subtly spicy blend of 1 oz Baileys & 1 oz
Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum can tame any sweet tooth

Italian Connection $17

A slow sipping cocktail – a blend of 1 oz Hennessey’s bold
& fragrant notes with 1 oz Amaretto’s nutty sweetness.
Ideal digestif or night cap

Classic Vodka or Gin 2 oz Martini $15

shaken with .25 vermouth & served in a chilled glass,
straight up, with olives or dirty

Amaretto Sour $12

smooth, nutty cocktail, the perfect balance between sweet
& sour.  Shaken with lime juice, 1 oz Amaretto & simple syrup

Fanzo’s Mule $15

made with 1.5 oz vodka, ginger beer & lime – this is the
perfect combo of sweet, spicy & tangy.  Served on the
rocks in a copper mule mug

Espresso Martini $15

this yummy blend of 1 oz vodka, 1 oz Kahlua & creamed
espresso, the most perfectly balanced cocktail to start or
finish your night

Long Island $15

made with our in-house blend of long island mix 2.5 oz,
a refreshing classic

Cosmopolitan $15

a fan favourite 2 oz vodka martini with a citrus twist of .5
oz triple sec, lime & cranberry juice

Old Fashioned $15

enjoy this bold cocktail of 2 oz whisky with muddled
Angostura bitters & sugar served on the rocks with an
orange slice garnish

Negroni $15

sip this classic cocktail that has 1 oz of each vermouth &
Campari’s deep dark fruit & herb undertones with a gin
juniper tang garnished with an orange slice

Classic Caesar $12

1 oz vodka, tabasco, Worcestershire, salt & pepper,
clamato mix with a celery rim.  Perfect savory drink or
hangover cure, so they say